Medium Vehicle

Hungry Parrots, Hyderabad

Vehicle: Tata Xenon

Kitchen Area: 7ft x 4.5ft (L x W)

Work done on the vehicle:

  • Construction of the body with steel tubes & the outer body with Aluminum
  • Double paneling interior walls with Stainless Steel & Aluminum composite panel
  • Single large serving window on one side of the vehicle
  • Exhaust fans on the wall near the cooking area
  • Stainless Steel preparation table with storage racks
  • Rack for power source
  • Water tank above the driver cabin & wash area
  • Three layer coat of exterior automotive body paint
  • Standard electrical components: LED Lights, Breakers, Sockets & Plugs
  • Checkered plate floor
  • hungry-parrot
  • 8Q0A6639
  • 8Q0A6376
  • 8Q0A6323
  • 8Q0A6369
  • 8Q0A6351
  • 8Q0A6340
  • 8Q0A6329
  • 8Q0A6388
  • 8Q0A6393