Food Truck India Customer App

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How does the App work?

How does the Food Truck India App Work?
The App acts as a marketplace for all Food Trucks & Mobile Street Food outlets. Upon opening the App, it populates a list of all the eateries around your location.
What kind of restaurants can I find on the App?
You can find Food Trucks, Chaat Walas, Mobile Food Kiosks, Mobile Ice-cream Walas and other Mobile Street Food outlets.
Can I search for Food Trucks and Mobile Restaurants?
Yes, the search option allows you to sort based on location, cuisine and names of the mobile outlets.
What happens if I mark a truck as a Favourite?
Upon marking a truck you like as a favorite, you will receive notifications about the truck’s current location, discount offers, push notifications, etc.
How do I book a Food Truck for a private event through the App?
Simply click on the “Book this Vehicle” button at the bottom of the page. We will contact you and get all the information needed to cater at your party!

Food Truck India Vendor App

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