Food Truck India is currently hiring for locations in India, Thailand and the UAE. Please email resumes to

Open Positions:

Events Manager:

We at Food Truck India are looking for someone who has extensive experience in Events Management. We would like him/her to play a direct role in managing events, interact with sponsors to raise funds and help in clinching deals for our company. Ideally, we would like the applicant to have an MBA.

Marketing Professional:

To collect information on Food Trucks across India. The job will involve some amount of travel in a month. The data will be used to populate our Mobile App.

We at Food Truck India are looking for someone to act as a liaison between our company and the Food Truck owners across India. The person will be involved with growing the presence of our Mobile App into various cities across India.

Mechanical Engineer:

We at Food Truck India are looking for someone with a Bachelors Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil). The candidate will work with the Chief Design Officer and will help in designing and assembling the next generation of Food Trucks.

We are ok with candidates who have a diploma and are ready to get some hands on experience in building/making Food Trucks.

Sales Professional:

We at Food Truck India are looking for someone to lead our Sales Division. The candidate will work directly with the CEO and will lead our sales campaign/strategy. The candidate will have to pitch to existing Brick & Mortar Restaurants on the advantages of a Mobile Kitchen. The primary advantage being that the restaurant can now enter the catering business.

Candidates with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering are welcome to apply, an MBA and a few years of experience would be a plus!